Organise & Visualise

Add custom fields to organise your locations and routes. Filter, sort, group and determine how your data should appear on your map.

covid cases screenshot
covid cases screenshot

Explore any map data

Import CSV, JSON, GPX, KML, XML data and turn it into collections. Be it files, from scripts, or from the web as URL's or API calls.

Draw as on paper

On the iPad, use your Apple Pencil to draw routes on the map.

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Map it together

Invite others to your collection and team up to add more data and design more visualisations.

Your maps, your data

All collections are saved in the Files app. Sync and share using iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar.

Write your own formulas

Get creative with rich support for formulas and live previews of formula results.

Script & Automate

Use a variety of URL schemes to show and import data. Automate your collections with Pythonista, Scriptable, Shortcuts and alike.

Share & Discover

Created something worth sharing? Publish your map collection online in private or to our public gallery so that it could benefit us all.

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Please note: Prices are indicative of the future as we've only released the public beta so far, which is free to download and use for a limited time.




  • View and follow unlimited collections¹
  • Create collections from templates
  • Use Maparoni on your Mac, iPad or iPhone
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Everything in Free, plus:

  • Create your own custom collections, configuring fields and presets
  • Use formulas to analyse data in your collections
  • Create feed collections from URLs
  • Import various formats
  • Receive new Pro features for 12 months, and bug fix updates indefinitely
  • Single purchase to use on Mac, iPad or iPhone
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$TBD /month or $TBD /year

Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Always have access to the latest Pro features
  • Single purchase to use on Mac, iPad or iPhone

After a Membership ends, Maparoni will revert back to Free immediately. However, after purchasing Pro, many features will work indefinitely.

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*. All prices are in USD. App Store prices vary by region.
1. A Maparoni collection is a collection of customised locations and routes on a map that can be pubished so that it can be viewed and/or followed by others.